Brad’s old MILF next door Amanda

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Amanda is a pretty Brad’s MILF next door. Brad knew she divorced years ago, and since then the only thing that could squeeze out a smile on her face was the TV set. So, when the damn box broke down, the lonley older woman rang up the social service and raised real hell. This is where Brad usually kicks in, with his nice looks, warm attitude and ability to fix anything that is not operating properly. Fixing the box was a matter of easy minutes, and Amanda was so thankful she immediately unleashed Brad’s ramrod from its nylon prison. He’s not had a discharge in couple of days, so the thought, why no.

Brad’s old MILF next door Amanda

Hell, the sexy mature woman hadn’t seen a proper cock in years! He undressed the dirty mom, leaving her ample legs pouring outta those stockings, threw her on the sofa and gave that big hairy muff one proper drill. You should have heard the aged whore groaning under the heavy crotch onslaught! She was so happy she guzzled down everything Brad saved for the last few days!

Brad’s old MILF next door Amanda

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Double penetrations in hot mature holes

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This mature mom is nice, sexy and horny and knows all about sex. She has a vast sexual experience that was accumulated during her long life. Moreover she can to get an unforgettable pleasure to 2 younger guys at one time. And these guys don’t wanna lose the lucky chance!

Double penetrations in hot mature holes

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This fat mature woman knows all about sex and is ready to share her knowlidge with the younger girl

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Aren’t you the one who says that just because the bitch is old, her cunt isn’t as tight as a young girl’s pussy? If so, you are totally wrong man! The older they are, the harder they fuck. This is a rule! The mature bitches don’t let you do all of the work because they know what the fuck they are doing – they have experience, dude. Check out horny mature Tamara in a hottest hardcore action!

Look at the way mature Tamara sucks Alex’s dick and balls. She even gets on top and rides his erected cock just like a street whore. Be sure to check out exclusive Tamara’s video to understand what I’m talking about. She even sounds like an nubile girl getting fucked for her first time. One thing is clear for sure: I’d fuck this bitch in a heartbeat with a big smile across my face. Believe me man!

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Horny redhead mature gets fucking

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Today this horny redhead mature has a good time. Her husband leaves her alone at home and right away she dresses up black stockings and meets her young lover so as to enjoy sucking cock and getting pussy drilled from behind

Horny redhead mature gets fucking

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Brad helps a granny to fix her radiator

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A horny dark haired granny has called Brad over her house to make him fix her broken radiator.


The only thing that’s busted is her lonely pussy, and it aches for some young cock! She asked Brad’s to take off his overalls and took his cock into her hand. She started stroking is up and down, then opened her mouth and placed that big erected member into her mouth…


Her old mature pussy is throbbing, aching to be fucked, and Brad gives it to her as good as he can! Her hungry cunt is pounded like it never has been before, as she screams out in ecstasy with every orgasm.


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Horny Mature Jane

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…You should beware of blondes. Even when the blonde is a fat mega-busty old bitch who must have already forgotten her 40th birthday. She called up a repairman and poured out a rant saying he should get his ass at her place or else, not saying much what the problem was. In fact, the buxom whore had the only problem of extra vagina hunger – she just wanted a fast cock around. Brad had to keep the flag of his service flying, that’s why he attacked her slit hiding in real caves of soft flesh right away. First he allowed Jane to suck him to a squirting explosion, and then he eagerly buried his cock between those enormous mounds which you cannot call anything less than melons. That’s right, the mature slut was itching to have some beef in between those giant hooters. She then lodged Brad’s thick schlong in her hair pie and slurped down Brad’s deposit. What a real mature whore she was!

Horny Mature Jane

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Sexy Mature mom sucking a big dick

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Now it’s Ms Deepthroat we’re welcoming here now! Look at her. Look at this tight black dress which looks almost like latex. Have a look at her milking boobs and at her nice face. Can you believe she does not enjoy sucking dick?

Sexy Mature Woman sucking a big dick

Watch, she nearly sucks the balls inside blowing our big dude! He then did not mind returning the favor and fucked this paragon MILF into the couch. She knows how to use her huge melons for pleasure, too! Her cunt was virgin tight, and her smooth were lovely to throw apart and come in.

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Don’t get mislead by the silly housewife-like looks of Alexandra, a chubby mature woman with tits twice the size of your fists. She looks a bit like a redneck, but in fact this is a intelligent and clever woman who knows her way around people. Brad was surprised she even had a PC, which she asked to have fixed one day. So friendly, she invited him for a drink just before the start. By that time Brad knew some paint-peeling action was inescapable. Alexandra started with a blowjob, and holy crap she was skillful! Brad was hard like oak wood in seconds, giving the old woman’s mouth some proper stretchin’. Just look at this sexy, totally gorgeous women with her wrinkled melons jumping as Brad was working on her hungry snatch. That huge chunk of mature flesh was fuckable as hell! Brad could not resist giving the mature bitch a huge sticky flood in the mouth.

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Hot Granny Irene

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Sometimes Brad wonders where the fuck do these lonely sluttish grannies get all that weird stuff he later has to fix. Irene, that massive hot old lady with a mile-long asscrack, called for help when her electric fire went down. After the thing was repaired, the mature bitch could be warm again – and she must have decided to show Brad the warmest place in the house. It appeared to be her giant muff, untouched for years of lonely living! Damp and deep like fuckin’ ocean, her old cunt still held that tightness that could squeeze the juice out of hard male members. Watch how eagerly Irene bends over to have a rear entry, her husband must have been missing on her king size butt! Having had her hairy doughnut stuffed properly, she grabbed Brad’s pulsating manhood and had something which looked like the biggest mouthful in her puff!

Hot Granny Irene Gets Fucked

Hot Granny Irene

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